The notion of driverless cars is incredible but is this what we really want?

Optimization Saved My Business

I started my business website with grand delusions of overnight success and wads of cash. I snapped some photos, wrote a couple lines and expected to see the orders come pouring in.

When that didn’t happen, I quickly learned that the most important factor in internet success was on a permanent vacation from my website. Search engine optimization is the critical component of a successful website and I had created a textbook case of what NOT to do.

With a new outlook on my web pages, I got to work and rewrote each and every one with not only customers but also search engines in mind.

It didn’t take long to see results. Within a couple of months the traffic and orders started steadily increasing as I found my product pages ranking higher and higher in search engine results. Focusing on escort SEO saved my business and my sanity.

A Trip To Miami To Remember

I took a short trip over to Miami, Florida to visit six of my old high school friends. I had not seen them for years and we all booked a hotel room at the Hotel Breakwater. Our Penthouse Suite was awesome and it had a balcony, flat screen T.V.’s and was pretty spacious.

We ventured out to the beach for the day to enjoy some summer fun and sipped on tropical drinks all day. There was miles upon miles of sparking white beaches and nothing but ocean in front of us. I noticed this beautiful woman walking down the beach and I had to meet her. I went up and introduced myself and invited her to come to our suite later that night. I never thought she would show up and she ended up being my fuck buddies the rest of my vacation. Six months later we were walking down the isle to get married!

Be More Private

I heard the grossest thing this morning when I was getting ready for work. As I walked past my brothers room I heard him talking on the phone so I stopped and listened like the nosy sister I am. After just a moment of listening in I realized he was having gay sex with his boyfriend. I was so repulsed that I grabbed my purse and headed straight out the door. When I got home tonight I told him that if he wanted to stay in my home than he needed to be a little more private when it came to certain things. When I told him what I heard he started blushing and apologized for it. The poor kid was traumatized that I heard what he was saying to his man.

Fix Yourself Man!

So at the office yesterday we got on a crazy topic of having a fuck buddy Manchester. All of us single men at the office were given a bet that we could not find one by the end of the week. Needless to say a group of us from work are heading out to the bars tonight to see if we can find any women stupid enough to come with us. I really don’t think most of us will have an issue with finding a woman, except Joshua. Every time we go out he doesn’t take the time to shower first or even throw on clean clothes. He always wonders why no one will come up to him when really it is because of his hygiene. I guess I have said it enough times where now I am going to have to let him find out on his own.

A cure for work realated stress!

Nothing is more relaxing after a hard week at the office than sex in London. This week being particularly stressful I made sure to book an hour long session with Lara my favorite massage therapist. Lara’s technique is firm yet soothing and she really gets the job done. Lara who specializes in traditional Swedish massage really knows how to give a wonderful full body massage. I always request this therapist because she is friendly and professional. After the session, my body and mind have totally forgotten all the hours of stress the week had piled on. Once I have recharged my body with a wonderful massage I am ready to tackle anything Monday has to throw at me. I would recommend massage to anyone with stress in their life; and let us face it in today’s world we all could use a good massage.

Almost My Time

I decided to create my own type of life bucket list and I am proud to say the first goal accomplished is buying an apartment building. Why did I do this you ask? I figured with all the money I have made over the years at Nottingham escort agency I could purchase a building and house my grandchildren and their children as well. I to of course will live on the property. At my age I want to be surrounded by all the ones that I love to make my remaining years the best I have ever had. As you get older you realize more and more how much family means to you. Through out my years I have come to realize that you never want to lie down in bed at night with regrets. It is best to go about your day with nothing but kindness in your heart and peace in your mind.

Marriott Royal Hotel

I travel frequently for work and no matter where I am sent, I always get put up in a nice hotel. My latest stay was at the Marriott Royal Hotel, and my room overlooked the harbor. My room was very stylish and spacious for my one-week stay. The first two days I had meeting after meeting and those days seemed so long. After the meetings where over I could do what I wanted for the next 5 days until my plane took off for home.

One night I was eating at the riverside restaurant at my hotel a beautiful woman approached me. She was asking for directions, and I told her I wasn’t from this area; I was on a business trip. I bought her a couple of drinks, and she told me that she worked for the Nottingham escorts agency. She was mine the rest of the week until it was time for me to go home!

What an idiot!

I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to tell him but my best mate George is taking risks with his own mental health and I can’t get him to take my advice. He’s a great lad, definitely one for the ladies and brilliant fun to be with but he always becomes too emotionally involved with women he dates and then becomes distraught as soon as he is dumped. He told me this a few months ago and I was totally shocked. I wouldn’t dream of falling in love with strange women of whom I have only met one or two times and I honestly thought he knew better but apparently not. He uses the excuse that it doesn’t feel the same as when he was in a stable and long term relationship and I don’t think he fully understands the consequences of his actions. He can be a bit naïve at times. It’s even more important for him to get wise because in the last two months alone he has had suicidical thoughts because he feels unwanted.  I have suggested that maybe all he misses is having fun dates doing exciting things with girls and he should forget about the pressures of finding a long term girlfriend.  He has since seen some escorts in Leicester and has become a different man.  Sure it’s costing him more money than what he was paying the dating agencies but he’s beginning to remember how to have fun and be more carefree.